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If you love comfort and a familiar atmosphere, if you are looking for an exclusive and personalized excursion service, trust the competence of Sicily Car Service.

A young and dynamic company which offers turistic services : Excursions, Tours, Transfer, Weddings…

Our long tradition and deep knowledge of Taormina and surroundings, Castelmola, Savoca, Forza D’Agrò, Giardini Naxos, and of Sicilian Country, will let us create unique and personalized Excursions.

Our mission is to offer assistance in searching holiday destinations in Sicily, through transparency and quality in services.

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Sicily Grand Tour
The place of Montalbano
Tasting tour on Etna
The Goodfather Tour

The best tours in Sicily...

Here, for you, just some examples of the tours most requested by our customers. There are many solutions

and we are available to customize your holiday in Sicily, combining our experience with your wishes


5 DAYS - Palermo, Monreale, Erice, Agrigento, Catania,...



6-7 HRS Catania and coast of the cyclops



9-10 HRS - Palermo, Monreale and Cefalu'



7-8 HRS - Valley of the Temples, Piazza Armerina



4 HRS - Savoca, Forza D'Agro' and Taormina



Siracusa & Ortigia 6-7 H. - Siracusa, Ortigia & Noto 7-8 H.



Classic : 4-5 H. - Grand Tours 8-9 H. - Etna, Alcantara, Ragusa and Ibla



7-8 HRS - SICILY BAROUQUE - Scicli, Ragusa,




7-8 HRS - Tasting Tour on Etna


Airport Transfers

With Sicily Car Service you can book a transfer to and from the airports of : Catania, Comiso, Palermo and Trapani. Our transfer service, reliable and comfrotable, is done with sedan Mercedes and Minivan


Discover the Heart of Sicily with Our Exclusive Car Service

Embark on a Personalized Journey Through Enchanting Landscapes and Timeless Traditions

Embark on a journey through the vibrant landscapes and rich history of Sicily with our premier car service. At Sicily Car Service, we combine the essence of comfort, exclusivity, and a warm, familiar atmosphere to create unforgettable travel experiences across this enchanting island. Our expertise and passion for Sicily's beauty and heritage shine through in every tour and transfer we offer, promising not just a trip, but an exploration filled with relaxation and discovery.

Tailored to Your Every Desire

Sicily Car Service stands out as a young and dynamic company dedicated to providing tourists with a plethora of services including excursions, tours, transfers, and even wedding transportation. Our deep-rooted understanding of iconic destinations like Taormina, Castelmola, Savoca, Forza D’Agrò, Giardini Naxos, and the heart of the Sicilian countryside allows us to craft personalized excursions that cater to the unique interests and desires of our clients.

Whether you're drawn to the dramatic landscapes of Mount Etna, the historic streets of Palermo, or the cinematic allure of Savoca, celebrated as a setting in "The Godfather", our tours are designed to immerse you in the very essence of Sicilian culture and beauty. Our mission is to facilitate your discovery of Sicily's holiday destinations with a commitment to transparency and quality service.

A Suite of Experiences

Our travel packages are comprehensive, ensuring ease from the moment you are picked up from your hotel. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you with Sicily Car Service:

  • Sicily Grand Tour: An all-encompassing journey through Sicily’s most treasured locales.
  • Catania and Palermo: Dive into the vibrant culture and historical depth of Sicily’s iconic cities.
  • Etna Adventure: Experience the majesty of one of Europe’s most active volcanoes with a tasting tour that celebrates the unique flavors of the region.
  • The Montalbano Experience: Walk in the footsteps of the beloved detective through the places that have become synonymous with the TV series.
  • Agrigento and Syracuse: Explore ancient ruins and breathtaking architecture, witnessing the legacy of Sicily's diverse history.
  • The Godfather Tour: Relive the iconic moments of the classic film with visits to key locations.

Our tours, while comprehensive, are merely starting points. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and willingness to tailor your Sicilian holiday, combining our expertise with your personal preferences to create a truly customized experience.

Sicily Airport Transfers

Understanding the importance of stress-free travel, Sicily Car Service offers reliable and comfortable transfers to and from Sicily's main airports: Catania, Comiso, Palermo, and Trapani. Our fleet, featuring sedans and minivans from Mercedes, ensures that your journey to and from the airport is as smooth and comfortable as your explorations across the island.

Longing for Sicily?

If Sicily has captured your imagination, let Sicily Car Service be your guide to its most captivating sights and experiences. Ready to welcome you with open arms, we invite you to discover the heart of Sicily through tours and services that promise not just a journey, but a treasure trove of memories to last a lifetime. Join us, and let your Sicilian adventure begin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What makes Sicily Car Service unique? 

Sicily Car Service stands out for its dedication to creating personalized, exclusive tours that delve deep into the heart of Sicily. Our local knowledge, combined with a focus on comfort and a familiar atmosphere, ensures a travel experience that is both enriching and relaxing.

Q2: Can tours be customized to my interests? 

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor tours to meet the specific wishes and interests of our clients. Whether you have a passion for ancient history, Sicilian cuisine, or picturesque landscapes, we can adjust our itineraries to suit your preferences.

Q3: What areas does Sicily Car Service cover? 

Our tours and transfers span the entirety of Sicily, including popular destinations like Taormina, Palermo, Agrigento, and Syracuse, as well as the majestic Mount Etna and the scenic countryside. We also provide airport transfers from Catania, Comiso, Palermo, and Trapani airports.

Q4: Are there options for airport transfers? 

Yes, we offer comfortable and reliable transfer services to and from Sicily’s main airports. Our fleet includes luxury sedans and minivans, ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey to your destination.

Q5: Is Sicily Car Service suitable for families with children? 

Definitely. Our services cater to travelers of all ages, including families with children. We ensure that our tours are engaging and accessible for everyone, making it a family-friendly experience.

Q6: How can I book a tour or transfer with Sicily Car Service? 

Booking with us is easy. You can reach out through our website, via email, or by phone. Our team is ready to assist you in planning your Sicilian adventure and will provide all the necessary information and support.

Q7: What are the must-try experiences offered by Sicily Car Service? 

While all our tours offer unique insights into Sicily’s rich culture and stunning landscapes, our Etna Adventure, The Godfather Tour, and the Sicily Grand Tour are particularly popular. We also recommend our tasting tours on Etna for a delightful culinary experience.

Q8: Are the tours accessible to individuals with mobility issues? 

We strive to make our tours as accessible as possible. However, given the varied terrain of Sicily, we recommend contacting us in advance to discuss any specific needs or concerns so we can accommodate you comfortably.

Q9: What is the best time of year to visit Sicily with your service? 

Sicily is beautiful year-round, but the best times to visit are from April to June and from September to October when the weather is mild, and the tourist sites are less crowded. However, we operate throughout the year, offering seasonal tours that highlight the best of Sicily at any time.

Q10: How does Sicily Car Service ensure the safety and comfort of its guests? 

Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. Our vehicles are regularly maintained to the highest standards, and our drivers and guides are professionals who adhere strictly to local regulations and safety guidelines to ensure a risk-free and enjoyable experience.

Embark on a journey with Sicily Car Service and uncover the treasures of Sicily through our expertly crafted tours and transfers.

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